Bluebonnet Mini-Sessions

Bluebonnet mini-sessions are one of my most favorite mini’s of the year…beside’s holiday mini’s. LOVED this year’s turn out (sunset and all).  You wouldn’t know it but this location was in the heart of Dallas, near the previous home to the Dallas Cowboys.  If I had just pointed my camera in the other direction, we would have had downtown Dallas in the distant background along with the old Cowboy’s stadium location.  Here are some, but not all of my favorites 🙂 My mom even joined my little one for a few fun shots.


Bluebonnet mini-sessions are difficult to plan, but I think we nailed it this year!  1)It is hard to plan a date, because sometimes the blooms are late/early.  2)Rain!  3)Finding the blooms in a safe…non-highway area..for the kiddos.  4)Finding THE perfect location with THE perfect lighting.  5)Finding a location central to everyone who has signed up…no one wants to drive hours…including myself.  So after one reschedule due to the rain and after hours upon hours searching for a location, this happened:
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Keeley’s Bluebonnet Mini-Session

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Bluebonnet Mini-Session

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Dunkle Family Bluebonnet Mini-session

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Bluebonnet Mini-Session

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