Anderson Family Fall Campfire Session, Blanchard, OK

So excited to share the Anderson family’s fun campfire session!

I’ve been wanting to do this type of session for a long time. Instead of doing the normal fall family mini-sessions, I’ve decided to make it something special for the whole family. I personally have some of the fondest memories camping with my family as a child and I wanted to capture the special experience for others. What better way to celebrate the fall and holidays than sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows with the ones you love?

Believe it or not, this location is in my backyard…literally. The many evenings I look out of my kitchen window or sit on my back porch, I drool over the amazing sunset and golden light piercing our trees. I decided it was time to make a spot for photo shoots. I had been planning this particular themed shoot for several weeks (but months in my mind). When the day came, I was bummed that amazing sunlight was hidden by the clouds. However, this shoot turned out fabulously! I am so thankful I have the area now to do these shoots…moving out of the city has been a blessing!

This year, bring your family to my house out in Blanchard, OK (about 20 minutes from Oklahoma City)…we will make you and your kiddos a campfire, pour you some hot chocolate, and let your kiddos make memories roasting marshmallows!


Spots are limited for the family campfire sessions, be sure to schedule yours!  For more information, click here.

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