Alaina’s Bridal Portraits, Blanchard, OK

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Priddy Family Lifestyle Portraits, Oklahoma City, OK

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Christina and Blake’s Engagements

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We’re moving…to Oklahoma City!!

I’m excited to announce that Cornfield Photography will be moving it’s office to Oklahoma City by March 15th, 2014!!

My husband is originally from Oklahoma (I was born in Oklahoma) and he is ready to get back home, so when we found out that he was  being relocated for a new job…we were jumping for joy!!  We are both from small rural communities, so this is giving us an opportunity to get out of the city.  We had hoped for 100+acres and a farm, but that might be a little too much!  Instead, we found one acre and a beautiful house about thirty minutes from Oklahoma City in Blanchard, OK.  I am looking forward to being back in a small town and knowing that my daughter will have an amazing community to grow-up.  We are still in the buying and selling phases of the move and I am still trying to work out logistics without my head exploding.  It is all happening super fast, which I am thankful, but it was unexpected.  Our worlds are being thrown upside down for a short amount of time, but it will be worth it!

  • As for traveling back to DFW…I aim to make one weekend/month a “Texas Weekend” so those of you who are current clients can still call me to do your portraits without a travel fee!!  If you know you need portraits done, I suggest booking several months in advance to hold your spot.
  • For weddings, I will still be booking DFW weddings, but a travel fee will be required and dates are extremely limited.  Oklahoma weddings will be considered local, so travel fees will not be required within a reasonable distance from OKC.  Each wedding is different, so contact me to discuss your details and we can work out a plan.
  • Texas Brides/Clients, thank you all so much for trusting me as your photographer.  I cannot say enough how much you all mean to me!  I hope to keep you all as my clients…and especially friends 😉
  • Oklahoma Brides/Clients, I look forward to working with you and can’t wait to see what Oklahoma has in store!!  I’ve shot several Oklahoma weddings already and just loved it!  I am excited to start shooting in “God’s Country”…as my husband would say 🙂

With much love…and excitement,

Kelsey Jenkins

Texas Weekend dates :

APRIL 5/6th, 2014 (Bluebonnet Mini’s)

MAY 3/4th, 2014

JUNE 8th, 2014

JULY 26/27th, 2014

NOVEMBER 2nd, 2014 (Family Holiday Mini’s)

NOVEMBER 23rd, 2014 (Family Holiday Mini’s)