Family Holiday Mini-Sessions

Family Holiday Mini-session schedule is now available!!   Multiple locations and dates available to serve anyone interested.  My fall calendar is filling up fast, so don’t wait too long!!


Family Holiday Portraits

November 2nd, 2014 (Denison, TX; 3:30pm-5pm) CLOSED

November 8th, 2014 (Oklahoma City, OK; 3:30pm-5pm) 6 openings available

November 9th, 2014 (Blanchard, OK; 3:30pm-5pm) 6 Openings available

November 16th, 2014 (Fort Worth, TX; 3:30pm-5pm) 1 Opening available

November 23rd, 2014 (Dallas, 3:30pm-5pm) 4 Openings available


To sign up, click here.


UPDATED: October 16, 2014

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All mini-sessions are $125 plus tax and includes: 15 minutes, 5 unique images, duplicate black and white images, online gallery, digital downloads with personal print release. Invoices are due upon receipt to hold your appointment time. Galleries will be returned within two weeks of your session date. When booking your session, indicate your top three appointment times. Exact appointment times will be emailed along with the location information 1-2 weeks before the session date.

Back to School Mini’s

Back To School Mini sign-ups are now open!


Offering two locations…DFW: August 8th; OKC: August 16th.


Don’t miss out, limited spots available!


To sign-up, click here.



Glenn Family Portraits

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Bluebonnet Mini-Sessions

Bluebonnet mini-sessions are one of my most favorite mini’s of the year…beside’s holiday mini’s. LOVED this year’s turn out (sunset and all).  You wouldn’t know it but this location was in the heart of Dallas, near the previous home to the Dallas Cowboys.  If I had just pointed my camera in the other direction, we would have had downtown Dallas in the distant background along with the old Cowboy’s stadium location.  Here are some, but not all of my favorites 🙂 My mom even joined my little one for a few fun shots.


Bluebonnet mini-sessions are difficult to plan, but I think we nailed it this year!  1)It is hard to plan a date, because sometimes the blooms are late/early.  2)Rain!  3)Finding the blooms in a safe…non-highway area..for the kiddos.  4)Finding THE perfect location with THE perfect lighting.  5)Finding a location central to everyone who has signed up…no one wants to drive hours…including myself.  So after one reschedule due to the rain and after hours upon hours searching for a location, this happened:
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Getting Settled

Oh Blog, how I have missed and neglected you!!   If you were to look at my website, it has been a long while since anything was updated.  This isn’t because I’ve been MIA…  We’ve finally moved into our new house as of last week!!  I FINALLY have my office back in working order (for the most part) and getting back into the groove of normalcy.  I can finally sit down and work on my computer with my internet.  I’ve been shooting weddings and portraits, but haven’t had a way to blog much.  I’m thankful my in-laws let me set-up my computer at their house for a few weeks during the transition in order to edit images.


Since January 2014, we’ve been working on selling our home in Fort Worth, buying a home in Oklahoma, renovating that home, moving business operations, and basically starting over.  I went to the Professional Photographer’s Association (PPA) convention in January and while I was there we learned that my oilfield husband had a fabulous opportunity to move to Oklahoma…back home for him.  With a ton of thought, we jumped at the idea, knowing that I am able travel anywhere and anytime with Cornfield Photography.  We put our Fort Worth home on the market the following week, received an offer with the first showing, found a house in OK, and closed on both homes in about 6 weeks.  Since the end of February our possessions have been in storage while we gutted our “new-to-us” home in Oklahoma.  We tore out everything we could except for the walls, kitchen, and bathrooms.  Being a self-proclaimed DIYer, we chose not to hire a contractor.  I look back and think we probably should have 🙂


Since early March, we’ve been camped out in our new home during our renovations.  As you can imagine it was a relief finally getting our own bed and belongings last week.  Two and a half months (with a three year old) seems like forever when moving and updating a house.  We still aren’t quite finished, just a few minor things to do around the house, but it is ours, we are enjoying it, and know it won’t happen overnight.  I am LOVING Oklahoma and I enjoy having room to roam now.  I can watch gorgeous sunsets from my back porch, listen to the trees in the wind, hear the birds sing, my child is now playing with bugs she’s never known, playing in the rain, she is naming frogs “hopscotch” and neighborhood cats “monna,” she just saw her first lightning bug and laughed so hard with giddy that I wanted to cry, and the best part of it all is that my husband is home every night and is no longer traveling two or three weeks out of the month.  We have him home with us and that’s all we need to be complete.


I’ve been neglecting the small moments, overcome with house stuff, that I haven’t taken the time to capture the innocence of my almost four year old daughter.  I cannot believe she will be four in July and start pre-k in August…where has all of the time gone?  I cannot seem to stop time, but only capture a glimpse with the release of my shutter.  We, as adults, get so wrapped up in “things” and “stuff” and “work” that sometimes we forget that tomorrow is never guaranteed.  My goal is to stop, breathe, enjoy the moment, put down my phone, put up the iPad, turn off my computer, and enjoy my family.  Sometimes enjoying my family means no cameras…I want to LIVE the moment, to capture time forever in my heart with memories, but somehow I feel sad because I haven’t captured every moment in digital form.  I just pray that my daughter will remember her mother interacting and playing with her instead of holding a camera in her face documenting her every move.  I watched a movie the other night and as soon as I heard this line, I immediately thought of my relationship with my camera and documenting my own family’s life.


From the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty: When are you going to take it?

Sean O’Connell: Sometimes I don’t. If I like a moment, for me, personally, I don’t like to have the distraction of the camera. I just want to stay in it.

Walter Mitty: Stay in it?

Sean O’Connell: Yeah. Right there. Right here.


I happened to break out my camera a few days ago. My daughter was taking a nap and I wanted to take a few of her sleeping.  I couldn’t get enough and my camera eventually woke her.  These images below are the first moments of her waking up from nap (bed-hair and all) and playing in her new room with the toys that have been in storage for months.  I think she is enjoying every bit of it!  My goal is to take more of us “living” because those are the moments that count, but it is so hard for me because I want to “stay in it.”  Sometimes I wish I had a live-in photographer to capture all of the precious moments for me 😉


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